Friday, December 15, 2006

Time for a change

You might have noticed that I have changed the color of my Blog...
I wasn't satisfied with the other color...and every time I logged in, I just didn't get that welcome feeling...Sooo, I decided on blue...I hope you LIKE it and I think it will be a more inviting color to live with year 'round!

This is an altered postcard I made for a swap in my Paper Whimsy group using a
Paper Whimsy image....I started with a flash card base that says LIKE and added the german scrap bee and edged it in gold leaf pen...Sweet and simple!


Rella said...

I just love the pure and simple design. Fabulous!!!

Altered Kat said...

Yes...a very "classic/vintage" look to it...LUV IT!

Kat :)

p.s. Congrats on winning Kim's draw...I just read the news!

Amber said...

Thanks so much Rella and Kat!!!

Yep... I guess I did win YaWhoooie...How fun!!!
Check out her site because she is having another drawing soon:0)

Rella said...

Amber ~ I enjoy the blue color on the probably thought my last note was about the color change! LOL I was talking about your art piece posted. Both are great!

Amber said...

Rella...LOL you're right!!! That's what I thought...Too funny!
Thanks so much!