Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I've been tagged by Kat...6 weird things about me???!

Boy...to be perfectly honest here I would think that I fall under the STRANGE or DORKY catagory...But you may think I'm weird...so here it goes!!!

1.I absolutely will NOT eat tuna with tomatoes...it makes me physically ill...I think it has to do with a chemical reaction in my system or something but it is NASTY!!!!

2. I would rather organize than clean any day!!! I love to start a new project...my curiosity gets the best of me and before I know it I am sorting and organizing in a flurry...but put a duster in my hand and I freeze! It really drives DH crazy!!!!

3. Because I have red hair my eyelashes are almost non-existant without mascara...I never leave the house without it and only a handful of people have seen me without it on!...(they always stare and ask if I am feeling OK??!!) LOL

4.My hands are not pretty...I like to wear my fingernails short and often they are not manacured...I admire people who have beautiful nails and hands but by the time paint wedges itself under my nails or around the nail bed or glue glazes itself over my fingers...it just isn't a pretty sight!!!

5. I don't know when someone is being sarcastic with me...I guess you could say that I'm kind of gullible (at least that's what DH calls it)...I have kind of a straight forward personality and don't understand when someone is teasing me...I do have a great sense of humor though...just don't do sarcasm!

6. I twist my hair...when I'm especially tired or stressed...you will find me generally twisting my hair...(a habit from childhool I guess) ...I tend not to do it in public though, LOL!!!

I guess that's it...You can decide what you think of me :0) Hopefully you have found something that you can relate to... or smile at!!!

Thank you Kat, that was fun!!! Now who to tag next! I'll have to think about it and post them a little later :0)
OK I tag Lisa, Tejae, Rella, Gale and Cara


Altered Kat said...

How funny is that...I twist my hair too!!!...like you, a childhood habit...LOL

Kat~too funny! :D

Izabella said...

these aren't so weird! I love the hair twisting :)

I think I was a lil' too honest in my 6 things on my blog~

Amber said...

Kat...I love that you twist your hair too :0)

Bella...Can a person ever be too honest???LOL I'll have to go check out your blog :0)