Monday, December 11, 2006

Make a snowflake

Remember when you were young and made paper snowflakes? They seemed so exciting...all the folding and cutting and then like magic a wonderful snowflake appeared before your eyes? We used to tape them to our windows and it just added such a warmth to our house peering through those little lacy creations...
Today my two son's and I found this interactive site that you can make digi-snowflakes...It's really quite addictive! http://
My boys (and I) played around on the site for a while taking turns but they eventually wanted to get out the paper and scissors and make the "real" ones!
They are now decorating our windows and reminding me of the simple joys of being a child!!!

"Nature is full of genius, full of the Divinity, so that not a Snowflake escapes its fashioning hand"
Henry David Thoreau


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Snowflake said...

And you can still make paper snowflakes the good old fashioned way with scissors at