Thursday, December 28, 2006

An Old Year to reflect on...A New Year to celebrate!

This past year has brought many changes and challenges...
Reflecting on where I've been this past year and where I wish to go in the year ahead, I would have to say I've come a long way!
Last year at this time I wasn't sure where my art would lead...I made some plans and set some goals and am happy to say that several of my goals have been met this past year and a few more goals will be completed in the upcoming months!
I have also met some very special art friends that have become very near and dear!!!

Do any of you make New Year's Resolutions? I usually don't, or maybe I should I say I haven't in a very long while...
...I want to make a positive change toward my health this coming year ..First, I want to exercise more consistantly... second, watch what I eat a little closer...and third be a little more organized...
I thought if I posted this that it might somehow make me more accountable :0) ...

I am really looking forward to what this New Year brings!!!

I would love to hear from you and feel free to post your own New Year's Resolutions so that we may encourage one another and keep the friendship growing!!!

Many happy Blessings in the New Year...

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tisjewel said...

Hi Amber! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

For me I have a lot on my wishlist, but those are mostly material wants so don't know that they fit in the "resolution" category, hehe :) I'm turning 30 at the end of next year, so want to definitely get a list of todos going so that I can knock them off as I go along. And like you, I'd like to get back to the healthy routine, I was doing well for a while, but slacked off and well... you know how it goes. Aside from that I'd really like to get my fiber biz buzzing alot more than it is now! Anyway, that's just the tip of the iceberg :)

Best to you! {Hugs} Julie

Altered Kat said...

Congrats on goals met!
That's always such a wonderful feeling!


Asil said...

Hi Amber and Happy New Year.

I have the same resolutions as you do except they are doctors orders...So I need to get in shape, shed a few pounds and eat a hole lot better. I also need to relax a bit more and stop making myself dizzy with

So That's my resolutions. I wish us luck with them!


Christine said...

Amber -- I enjoyed reading your blog -- nice blue!!! :) I don't have any resolutions -- I never keep 'em anyway!!

I love your 6 weird things - haha!!

Amber said...

I wish you my friends {Julie, Kat Lisa and Christine} the very best the New has to offer you...and many happy art days ahead!!!!
I've been busy cleaning out my art space and have been good about exercising but still have some Holiday food to get rid of before I am totally safe around here LOL!
Happy days!

molly jean said...

Congratulations on reaching some art goals, Amber!

I have a journal especially to write art related goals and dreams in. I did accomplish some of my art goals at least to a degree, most notably learning to use the computer for blogging and ebay.

I try to avoid New Year's Resolutions;
I'm just so aware of my past failures but this year I MUST eat better and excersize more!

But what is a resolution but a strongly intended goal?

And I do work on reviewing my mission type life goals in Jan.but to resolve to loose 15 lbs is just kind of setting myself up for failure! But that is starting out defeated. I'm praying about that attitude. molly jean