Thursday, March 01, 2007

This is recent artist interview by Deb Silva of Artella Daily Muse...

Sunday's Artist Profile: Amber Heagerty

Daily Muse: How would you describe your art?

Amber: Probably the best way to describe what I do is Altered Art or mixed media.
DM: Tell us more...
Amber: I love taking either a blank piece of paper or canvas and start layering little bits and pieces of ephemera, paint, stamps, fibers, charms and images until I am satisfied with a textured collage...I LOVE texture and layers!!!
DM: What is your favorite piece of your own art and why?
Amber: My favorite piece of my own art would be my first altered art piece that I ever did...It is a sculpted and altered cold plaster bust with a collaged hat...Kind of funky but I felt like a true artist creating it!
DM: What art supply can you not live without?
Amber: Hmmm tough choice...but I'll have to say my fingers...I just couldn't live without them, I use them all the time to spread paint, blend colors and smooth down glued paper! I'll also have to add my's my one greatest asset! But as far as something inorganic, I would have to say a good adhesive like Gel Medium.
DM: Is there music that you love to hear?
Amber: I most always listen to light classical...It lightens my mood and makes me feel creative!
DM: Which artist(s) do you love?
Amber: I really admire Angela Cartwright and her style...I love how she incorporates her beautiful photos into her art...I have had the good fortune to be currently working with her in an Altered Book Round Robin in one of my art groups and have been enjoying seeing her art in person!
DM: What books do you love to read?
Amber: I usually find myself reading the current art magazines for inspiration and I read Claudine Hellmuth's books, Traci Bautista and Lynn Perella's books.
DM: Do you have favorite movies?
Amber: One of my favorites is Sound of Music...I also love Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (gee, guess who never grew up! LOL)
DM: Which artist(s) inspire you?
Amber: I am fascinated by Maggie Taylor's work and the whimsical/surreal feel to her pieces... There are more but too many to list.
DM: Whom do you admire most and why?
Amber: I have a friend who is a incredible artist and recently found out that she has breast cancer. She is JoAnna Pierotti of Moss Hill Studio. I admire her honesty, her faith and strength in sharing her struggles and growth through battling such an uncertain future. She is truly an inspiration!

Amber is a self taught, mixed media artist who has always had a very vivid imagination. She has always loved art and creating things since childhood. She challenges you to find a little bit of that childhood imagination in each of her pieces. Her items are one of a kind designs full of whimsy, full of texture and vintage touches.

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