Monday, May 15, 2006


Balance...what a powerful and convicting word!
When I was a little girl we had a very large and ancient Cherry tree bordering our property.
I looked forward to the time of year that all the cherries were ripe. I would eat the cherries, spit out the pits and watch them fall to the earth, from my sturdy branch.
As the summer days waned along with the selection of ripe cherries, I would find myself stretching and reaching for the red cherries that were just beyond my grasp. That desire would tempt me and lure me into positioning myself on a less secure branch to get the desired fruit. Toward the end of the season I would even be brave enough to perch on a branch that would bend and let me stretch and reach the tempting red fruit. Looking back its a wonder I didn't fall and break my neck!!!
Balancing all aspects of our busy lives, I find, is somewhat like climbing that cherry tree.
We need to know when to stop climbing even though there are a few perfect inticing juicy temptations outside our reach and be content with the knowledge that not all things are attainable or even necessary for fullfillment! Balance is not having everything but being happy with what we have and knowing when to stop!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this piece, such beautiful colors and loved reading the story about when you were a little girl.

Christine said...

Amber -- your art is outstanding -- love it!!!

And thanks for leaving a comment on my BALANCE piece!!!