Friday, May 15, 2009

Strapping in for take off!

This past year or so has been so crazy for me and in particular, this past month...that yesterday when I returned home form work I finally sat down in the chair to relax and had the strangest sensation of needing to be strapped kidding...I felt like I was moving-and needed to be safely contained. What a weired sensation!!!
Too much going on for this low key girl. I will be so happy when things slow down and the stress level returns to manageable state around here.

That being said, we are most of the way through purchasing a new home and hopefully will be moved in in a few weeks. I will have my own little art studio/space (for the first time) Yippee!!!


Jamie said...

gorgeous site, loveit.


amber heagerty said...

Please visit me over at my new blog...I seem to be having trouble logging in to this one and can't get it fixed...
I would love to see you all over there!