Monday, November 10, 2008

Life leads me by the hand...

and all I can do is go...

My life has taken a few new turns in the last few months...I have had to take a hiatus from blog land to catch up on things around the home...
I have created, but have not posted and have truly missed all of you!

I will post more very soon...
all is well...counAdd Imageting my blessings!

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Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

erwanted to check out your blog - wow. it's so nice to see that someone else is as behind as i am in their blog posting!
you win, though:)
i last posted on november 11th.

i really want to post - nothing specific, just show some of the Christmas art i've worked on *too late* and will have to wait until next year to sell. suh-ad!

i have presents to buy, to wrap, to mail, tree's not up, and i, like you, have had some life situations come up and that's what's putting me so behind.
BUT, can't complain.....never complain.
especially after what i went through LAST december:)

xoxo, jan