Friday, May 09, 2008

Countdown to Mother's Day...

Just a few more days left to Mother's Day!!! with Mother's Day on the horizon I digi-layered several photos together for you to enjoy!!!I have never had very good luck with Photo Shop even though I kind of occasionally hobbled along...I just never found it very user-friendly for me...but amazingly I downloaded a program called and Surprise Surprise! I can actually pull something together and use some of the beautiful vintage photos that I have stored on my computer.

Hope you like it! This is my first attempt, and I am sure I will be playing with it more in the future!

I visited my Mother who is in failing health and deep cleaned her house...that was my Mother's Day gift to her...I would love to hear what you did for your Mother this year or what special gifts you received...please feel free to share :0)

Blessings to all and hope YOUR Mother's Day brings you great Joy!!!


The Art Buffet said...

I can't believe I stumbled onto your blog tonight. First let me say that I love your work. It's just beautiful. I'm already feeling inspired. The second thing I want to tell you is that after 15 years of raising my girls I am about to go back to work. I will be starting a full time job on Monday the 19. Part of me is really happy but the other part is mourning the loss of my freedom. My family is so used to me being home, this is going to be a real culture shock for them. It was good to hear that things are smoothing out for you. It gives me hope. Anyway I just had to tell you that.

Amber said...

I am so glad that you found my blog and stopped in...thank you for the kind words!
As for the new job, I will say congrat's and don't lose have far more skill than you know or can probably even put on paper (at least that's what I am finding)...please stop back sometime and let me know how it is coming together for you!