Sunday, January 13, 2008

PW banner project...Work in progress

Before the end of the year I wanted to create some vintage banners with inspirational words and suggested it to the Paper Whimsy mods...they agreed that it would be a fun swap and set it up...I signed up for the "y" in JOY with a pastel color theme!
I have two other swap partners and we were asked to make a third for charity...( I will post a link when I have it for the auction)

Here are some W.I.P. photos...I have been working on the last of the details and should have these finished by this evening!
These are the basic banners: Home Decor/upholstery banner shapes in light green...satin swags and pom-pom trim...hand-made paper background...Paper Whimsy images that have been embellished with chalks...hand-drawn "Y" letter, covered in tissue...and pencil embellishments... Starting to assemble: added lace and flower trim at bottom paint dots around frame...embossed the letter Y in gold and clear...added a few other details and will show you the finished product soon...


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful and I need to get me some of that pom-pom trim. It looks fabulous.

misspvc said...

Amber these are looking gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing one in person! huge hugs
Patti V

catharinas-love said...

These are LOVELY !
Rini -- the Netherlands