Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank you!!!

Just a quick note of thanks for all of you wonderful art friends who have stopped in and left comments on my blog...I wish I could respond to you personally but haven't figured a way to do that yet! I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my art and leave a note of encouragement!!! It means a lot to me :0)

I just returned from a quick trip to Seattle ( a business trip) with just my hubby...Never left all three kids before, but it worked out just fine. My DD (18 yr.) watched the boys and my wonderful neighbor even invited them over for dinner for the two nights we were away!!! I even had time to take some great photos while hubby was in a meeting! I didn't take along my digital camera, just my SLR so I will have to get them developed and scanned before I can post them...hopefully soon!
Hope you all are having an art-filled day!
hugs and blessings,


easyjourney said...

sunshine and laughter from Florida xxoo Astrid

Anonymous said...

Ohh how wonderful of you! I hope that you have a wonderful artful day as well. :)

Altered Kat said...

Hey Amber...just poppin in to say hi! that hat she's wearin! LOL