Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Love Artchix!

I entered the ArtChix Faux Winter postage contest (from the ArtChix Yahoo group)!!! My winning Faux postage ATC is #12 ... http://www.artchixstudio.com/mall/p311.asp

Here is more info. on the entries and the artists http://www.artchixstudio.com/mall/p311_info.asp

Also ArtChix is celebrating their 5th anniversary and here are some entries ( including 3 of mine )


I really love contests and challenges and this was a really fun one!!!


Rella said...

How fun we both have pieces in the Winter Faux Postage...Your entry is quite lovely and I'm happy to have the wee little representation of it!
Best ~ Rella

Amber said...

Rella...Thank you so much!!...
I just LOVE your adorable entries also and can't wait to use them in some fun Holiday art!!!
:0) Amber